Our factory, based in Foshan China, is a professional manufacturer of furniture hardware and plastic products, such as drawer slides, and plastic legs. We are the biggest manufacturer of metabox slides in China. We have decades of experience of making epoxy slides and have never received even one customer complaint about our products from the worldwide market. The distinct advantages of our products have enabled us to become the manufacturer for well-known international brands, such as IKEA.

The owner of the factory, Xiang Tong, majored in Physics in college, has been in the industry for almost 30 years, since the inception of this industry. He was the general manager of one of the largest drawer slide factories in China in the 1990s, mainly in charge of production of drawer slides. During his entire 30 years in the industry, he's been devoting his effort to product design, engineering, and management of product quality and cost. He can quickly design a product according to a customer's request and guide the engineers to make the new product. Because of his innate pursuit of precision, the quality of our products even exceeds the quality of some big brands'. His management experience has made our factory very cost-effective and able to offer much lower prices than big brands'. 

Mr. Tong's daughter, Alison Tong, who's earned her MBA in June 2016 from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, the top MBA program in the United States, lives in California and is now helping Mr. Tong to expand Chiyuewang's international sales network.